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CZECHDESIGN Gallery & Shop

Адрес: Myslíkova 290/5, Praha 1, +420 777 190 774, www.czechdesign.cz 

There is a place in the very center of Prague where you can find jewelry and other pieces created by select Czech designers.

Whether you are looking for original porcelain ware, modern jewelry, exceptional glass items, interesting books about art and design, or whether you just need inspiration, head to the CZECHDESIGN gallery and shop – an oasis hidden among the small, winding streets of central Prague. If you are in the market for a new bag, they have practical and stylish backpacks and purses. Lovers of organic beauty products will appreciate their selection of local eco-friendly cosmetic brands. The founders of CZECHDESIGN also thought about children, and so the store sells lovely toys, books, illustrations, and entertaining learning materials. Everything in the store and online shop fulfills the strictest quality criteria and is chosen not only for its esthetic value, but also for its practicality. Also, with each purchase you are contributing to the development of Czech design, which is important to the founding members of the CZECHDESIGN non-governmental organization. They are trying to increase awareness about local designers not only among the wider Czech public, but also among businesses and institutions, and also want to act as a mediator between the different branches because creativity thrives on collaboration. The organization has come a long way since it got its start in 2003. It launched the most widely read Czech web design portal (www.czechdesign.cz), regularly holds workshops and seminars, and coordinates interesting projects that connect individual designers with various companies. After they established their store in Prague they also opened an online shop, which is a space where designers can present themselves. Customers thus have a unique opportunity to get to know artists and brands that they wouldn’t otherwise have come across. Let yourself be inspired by the latest trends in Czech art and design and stop by the CZECHDESIGN store today. 

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